Why Rocket League feels like Halo 3 for me.

When I first got my Xbox 360, I waited eagerly for the next Halo game. I had missed out on Xbox, so it would also be my first Halo game.

However, Halo never came and Nintendo Wii was all the rage. I traded in my 360 for a Wii. (Did I mention I had a Gamestop trading problem in my adolescent years?)


Wii however, failed me. Because despite the overwhelming “sold out” signs and its rarity upon its release, it did not deliver the same gaming I craved.

So, I succumbed to my Gamestop trading problem (again) and traded my wii for another 360.


(I had no one but myself to blame.)

I fell into a bit of a sink hole mentally, then it happened. The game I was waiting for was announced: Halo 3.


I reserved immediately, skipping past all of the hype, I will let you know why I enjoyed Halo 3 of all things. It was the first game that gave me kinship and gaming to replace the void that Final Fantasy XI had left behind.

I made friends IRL via Halo 3, we played online, lost hours of our lives playing Griffball, Infected, and Assault on Guardian. My memory of Halo 3 kills and team deathmatch is eidetic, vivid, and nostalgic at the same time.


But, Rocket League takes it a step further for me.

Me and my friends were hanging out today, and I bought Rocket League, we started playing it and we just had a blast with the local co-op.


Rocket League is this game that is just wild and will make me lose hours and hours and I will get a game that is both online and co op that I can just enjoy alongside friends.

It really just confirms that all of this coin I invested into my gaming PC was the right choice.

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